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OnlineStaffLeavePlanner is an intelligent, web-based HRIS and Staff Leave Management system to that makes storing staff information, leave approval workflow, viewing team calendars and planning resource availability easier than ever before. You can save time, money and resources spent on maintaining leave balances in complex excel sheets and following paper requests. Our Online Staff Leave Planner scales easily from small and medium businesses to large enterprises. OnlineStaffLeavePlanner has customized tools for absence tracking and leave management. Easy to refer staff calendars show availability of staff so that staffing requirements can be planned easily. Whether it is saving work permits or passport copies or educational certificates - you can upload and save all files easily and download whenever needed. Educational history and dependents information can be stored. Using the self service staff login, staff can update their information online, view leave balances, put in absence requests and have it approved online. Managers can see who else is off, leave balances, previous leave history while approving requests.

Comprehensive features in the online staff leave planner allows you to define simple as well as complex leave policies easily. Multiple leave types and policies can be created and customized at user level, department or location level. Online Staff Leave Planner has some of the most sophisticated features available in the market today - enterprise class features help you to scale easily from small to large companies with multiple locations around the world. By managing absences intelligently you will notice there is a 30% reduction in unplanned absences and a 80% saving in time spent on leave management.

Manage absences intelligently and save up to 30% of your payroll costs

Our Online Staff Leave Planner offers fully featured flexible multi-location based settings and offers companies a quick way to implement their HR and Leave Management System on the cloud. Our absence management software provides functionality for advanced shift scheduling and complex absence management. Built for global scalability it is optimized for your industry. Our online staff leave planner has user friendly settings to set leave policies to be compliant with state and federal laws for different leave types.

Control the costs of absenteeism and automate and streamline the application of your attendance and leave policies - no matter how complex it is. OnlineStaffLeavePlanner enables you to enforce rules consistently, control costs and minimize the risk and productivity effects associated with employee absence.

Customers in over 24 countries use Our Online Staff Leave Planner for leave and absence management

Our staff leave planner benefits your business both directly and indirectly. With customers spread over 24 countries, our user friendly leave management software hides the complexity behind its simple interface. The leave planner helps you focus on running your business. Leave the complex leave balance calculations to our sophisticated engine.

Focus on taking business decisions with a clear mind. Don’t leave your leave management to your memory, spreadsheets and paper. Experience ease of online staff leave management using our leave planner.

Multiple Leave Types

Set multiple leave types and policies to comply with your company's HR policies. Work from home or Business trips. Track where your employees are working from.

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Custom settings

Set approvers, weekly offs, shifts, holidays, leave types, policies at employee level. Set Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or yearly accrual of leave. Display balances in hours or days.

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Team calendars

View team calendars, monthly and yearly calendars of teams or departments. Helps plan staffing levels easily for managers. PTO, Sick, Study leave or Training - record and view leave patterns.

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Overtime and TOIL

Time banking with custom leave types like Time off in Lieu. Define overtime types with factors for weekend or holiday covers. Apply full, half days or partial day leave requests.

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Ensure compliance with Government, State and Federal laws - Leave management made simple

Our Staff Leave Planner has specific features designed to manage holidays, absences and sickness types of companies in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Africa. Here are a sample list of leave types that are created using Staff Leave Planner in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe and Middle East. Companies in London may want Sick Leave requests made ad hoc while companies in South Africa and Singapore have strict government regulations to be followed for Sick Leave. So whether your office is in London, Johannesburg, Kuwait, Sydney or Singapore our settings can handle all leave regulations and policies easily. This makes compliance with government policies as well as private company HR policies simpler. HR Managers and staff can track annual leave entitlement online and supervisors can approve employee leave requests online.

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Free up the time you spend on Leave management by managing all your users and leave worflow on a centralized dashboard.