OnlineStaffLeavePlanner saves over 80% time in
HR leave administration time and over 30% in overall payroll costs


OnlineStaffLeavePlanner is an easy to use and secure online staff leave planner that calculates accurate leave balances in real time. It offers visibility into leave entitlements and gives a clear picture of resource availability to managers. It offers you various benefits at different levels.

  • Employee Benefits

    Employee Benefits

    • Make it much easier for members of staff to request the time of leave that they need, and also keep a check on leave balances
    • Get leave requests handled online – no more time consuming meetings with management to see if you can get time off
    • Schedule absence and other leaves ahead of time with ease and by correlating with other members of the company
    • Keep your emergency contact information and address updated on self service dashboard to be contacted for any emergencies
  • Company Benefits

    Company Benefits

    • Save time and resources for the long-term without the constant back and forth
    • Curtail unexcused absences and taking days off work without permission
    • Cut costs as everything is online through a system accessible both at home and in the office and anywhere in the world
    • Cut costs further with a fast return on investment as unauthorized absences will plummet
    • Improved productivity and efficiency all around the business
    • HR staff can be much more productive as absences are no longer the big problem they once were
    • Cut back on paper usage and costs as everything is carried out on online
  • Software Benefits

    Software Benefits

    • Everything is handled online with OnlineStaffLeavePlanner
    • View long-term leave history so that everything can be planned ahead, as well as viewing current status of other requests
    • Flexible and easy to use, allows for simple and multiple assignments of leave types and policies
    • Import & export data to other HR and Payroll systems
    • 100% scalable
    • Total transparency over the process – no more unnecessary questioning and disputes with HR Staff
    • Lessens unauthorized absence for the long-term
  • Employer Benefits

    Employer Benefits

    • Create a better relationship with your staff as they can stay focused on the job without having to push paper and follow up emails
    • Reduce human error when it comes to calculations of balances by HR and IT departments.
    • Company notifications can be posted and viewed on the dashboard for any announcements
    • View entire employee information from one centralized dashboard
    • Easy visibility of availability of staff at any time of year, making management much easier in general
    • Simple to view team calendars mean you can balance out work forces to cover for absence
  • Reporting Benefits

    Reporting Benefits

    • Reports exportable in excel and PDF shows clear information on leave balances, hours worked and leaves taken
    • Easy to check dashboard that shows all users off on leave or absent – making it much easier to create dossiers about staff performance
    • Simple to correlate calendar makes it easier to check out absence rates in the work place

"Free up your time and save costs using our Online Staff Leave Planner"

Free up the time you spend on Leave management by managing all your users and leave worflow on a centralized dashboard.