Custom Settings

Create customized leave types and multiple policies based on company HR Rules

Custom settings to make Online Staff Leave Planning flexible

OnlineStaffLeavePlanner has flexible settings that allows you to customize at company, location, department, job tile or even individual user level.

Leave approval path

Set upto 3 leave approvers to approver in any order or in the same order. Attach approval path at company or user level.

Weekly offs

Set weekly offs at user level - so if one staff works weekends and takes Tue and Wed off you can set it. Gulf countries can set Fridayas weekly off.


If you staff work in shifts - set the shift timings. Create a Schedule template on weekly or biweekly basis to assign different shift hours. All leave calculations can be based on the days staff work.


Set custom holiday settings for your different locations anywhere in the world. If you have offices in different states - you can define different sets of holidays and attach it to staff or location or department.

Leave types

Define multiple leave types for any type of leave - PTO, Annual leave or Vacation, Sickness or Compensatory off, Casual or Earned leave, Maternity or Paternity, Sabbatical or Stufy Leave.


The same leave type can have different policies for different staff. You can have a leave policy for full timers for part timers and for those who have put in different years of work in your orgamization. Policies can be set to come into effect from join date or x months after joining or x years.

Set Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or yearly accrual of leave - Staff can accrue leave at the rate you specify. OnlineStaffLeavePlanner has a flexible and easy to set accrual frequency to accommodate any kind of leave policy.

Display balances in hours or days - Choose to accrue leave in hours or days and to show your balance either in hours or days.

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Free up the time you spend on Leave management by managing all your users and leave worflow on a centralized dashboard.