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Are there any signup fees, termination fees or hidden fees we should know about?
OnlineStaffLeavePlanner has no hidden fees. No signup fees or termination fees, or any other additional fees. The price you pay is just the fixed monthly fee based on the plan you've chosen. We will help you with data import of your current employee data to get OnlineStaffLeavePlanner accounts for all your employees in your company.
Can we host OnlineStaffLeavePlanner our own servers?
Yes – we offer this facility for customers whose size and needs qualify for this. Please contact us to find out if you qualify and the pricing for the same.

Attendance / access control system integration

Can we integrate with our access control system?
Yes. If you send us the data format for your bio-metric or access control system we can integrate it with OnlineStaffLeavePlanner to show discrepancies. Please write to us at support@onlinestaffleaveplanner.com to make a request and send us sample data.

Customization and Language support

Can we customize OnlineStaffLeavePlanner for our company?
We accept customization requests from all our customers and will incorporate the ones that are suitable for all into the product. For more customization you can contact us to see if you qualify for the self hosting plan.
Can I define Leave types and policies in my language?
Yes - OnlineStaffLeavePlanner accepts text in any language. Email templates can be created in your language - so all emails that go out can be in your language.
Is OnlineStaffLeavePlanner available in other languages besides English?
Currently we have introduced only English. We have requests from our customers for other languages are planning to introduce them on a priority basis in the near future.

Data Security and backups

Is OnlineStaffLeavePlanner hosted securely? What about confidentiality of our data?
Our servers are hosted professionally and your information is safe and secure with us. We use https SSL for data transfer between servers.
Can I export my data?
You can easily export your data to CSV. All reports can be generated in Excel and PDF formats.
Is our data backed up in case of an emergency?
Your data is safely backed up every night. We can perform a full restore in case of any emergency.

Payment terms

How do we pay for OnlineStaffLeavePlanner?
We currently accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. Payments are made on a monthly basis or can be made in advance for a year.
What happens if we upgrade or downgrade?
When you upgrade, you are instantly upgraded to the higher plan and you will only be charged the higher rate on the next invoice. When you downgrade, you are instantly downgraded and you will begin paying the lower rate on the next invoice.

New Updates

How often is OnlineStaffLeavePlanner updated?
OnlineStaffLeavePlanner is updated every week as new features are introduced and enhancements done to existing features. Our Latest Update section will be updated every time we introduce new features. All new features are included in your monthly subscription.


Can I integrate OnlineStaffLeavePlanner with iCal or my Outlook calendar?
Yes. Your personal calendar is exportable in the iCalendar format, which is used by a lot of popular calendar systems, such as Google Calendar and Outlook.
Can I view my Team Calendars and Yearly calendars
Yes you can view Team calendars, monthly calendars and yearly calendars of staff easily.


Does OnlineStaffLeavePlanner have an API for data interchange?
Yes - Please contact us at support@onlinestaffleaveplanner.com for more information regarding our API.

Company Branding

Can I use my Company Logo?
Yes - you can upload and use your company branding in the top banner. We also have options for white labelling. Please write to support@onlinestaffleaveplanner.com to find out how.
Can I resell OnlineStaffLeavePlanner with white labelling in my markets?
Yes - Please write to us at support@onlinestaffleaveplanner.com. We welcome enquiries from interested HR Consultancies and customers to improve the reach of OnlineStaffLeavePlanner around the world.

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