Multiple leave types

Create customized leave types and multiple policies based on company HR Rules


Multiple leave types

Staff leave planning is very important, as a business without the right staff on board at any given time is going to struggle to meet demands and satisfy clients. With an ability to check instantly and quickly who is on leave or upcoming leave on a weekly, monthly or yearly calendar it becomes much easier to plan out your leave and make sure nobody is conflicted. Multiple leave types can be defined with different leave policies based on tenure. Permanent or contract hires, temporary staff, Exempt or non-exempt employees can be assigned different policies for the same leave type. Compliance with your country or state or Federal laws can be met easily with comprehensive and flexible policy settings on OnlineStaffLeavePlanner. Staff leave planning and compliance is made simple on OnlineStaffLeavePlanner.

Policy effective date

Policy rules can be set to come into effect x months/weeks/years after staff hire date - it can be based on anniversary date or Jan 1st or any leave year start date.

OnlineStaffLeavePlanner simplifies the managers job of maintaining records for leave accrual - it automatically calculates leave entitlements based on the rules and policies set in the system. You can define different paid and unpaid leave types and attach separate accrual rules to these types to accrue leave in days or hours.

Accrual rules and policies can be set easily as well as inherited at different levels – company, location or department or even based on job title. It can also be customized for each employee if required.

Accrue based on Length of service

OnlineStaffLeavePlanner has the most comprehensive and easy to define accrual rules. You can customize your own leave types by attaching different rules based on different factors like employee length of service. For example you want to award those who complete more years at work by alloting more vacation time - you can attach different accrual rules that would accrue leave balances differently after completion of one year, two or five years or whatever defined.

Prorated Accrual

You can define whether accrual can be prorated or not. Prorating reflects an "earned leave" approach to accruals – employees accrue based on time worked in the preceding accrual period. If you choose no prorating, the set, flat accrual amount will be added on each defined accrual day.

The leave calculator engine can be set to work based on the start date of employment or a specified date. It runs automatically in the background and updates current leave balances that employees and managers can view on their dashboard.

Got any questions about OnlineStaffLeavePlanner and how it can help you out? Then contact us HERE for more information. With the help of an online staff leave planner you can make sure that your business has to suffer from a loss efficiency again.

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