Over Time

Create customized leave types and multiple policies based on company HR Rules

Overtime and Time Off in Lieu

Most companies do not have a clear understanding of the true cost of staff absences. According to a study by Mercer unmanaged absences can cost up to 36% of your payroll costs in both direct and indirect costs.

Absences are viewed as an integral part of doing business and as an uncontrolled activity and that you cannot manage the costs of absence. In fact it is the opposite - you can control costs by controlling and planning for absences. By implementing our Staff Leave Planner you can control ineligible persons from requesting time off, be fair with your company's leave policies and manage risks and gaps in productivity by planning for planned absences.

You can now save time on tedious leave balances calculations that directly impact your bottomline by saving on HR and leave management costs. Overtime can be managed easily by setting shifts and user schedules. Time off in lieu or overtime encashment can be given as options when your staff puts in overtime requests.

Multiplication factors can be set for overtime requests - for example if someone works on weekend, a factor of 1.5 can be set so that 1.5 days automatically adds up to your Compensatory off or TOIL balance. A separate approval path can be set for overtime and upto 3 approvers can be set in the approval path.

"Free up your time and save costs using our Online Staff Leave Planner"

Free up the time you spend on Leave management by managing all your users and leave worflow on a centralized dashboard.