Staff Leave Planner

Create customized leave types and multiple policies based on company HR Rules

Staff Leave Planner

Our Staff Leave Planner helps you cut the cost of absenteeism with a fully automated, easy-to-own absence management solution. Staff Leave Planner helps you reduce the administrative headaches and compliance risk associated with leave laws – not to mention sick time, late arrivals, early departures, and extended breaks – all in one place using one solution. However complex your leave policy

You can define it using our easy to use leave policy settings.

Cumbersome calculations and time consuming excel sheets are things of the past. Whether your staff work 8 hours a day, 7.5 hours or 5.5 hours - easily manage absences using our Staff Leave Planner. In Australia 7.6 hours is the standard working hours and New Zealand is 7.5 hours. USA opts for 7.5 or 8. Most other countries use the standard 8 hours per day. With our staff leave planner you can set the correct working hours for calculating hours in a working day. So any requests for leave get accurate time deducted in hours or working days. Overtime can also be recorded easily and set to add to TOIL (Time off in lieu), Compensatory Off or to be encashed.

Team Settings

Put staff into groups and view view team calendars on our Staff Leave Planner. Shows you the availability of team members on a single calendar. You can also view the yearly calendar to see leave patterns for the whole year. You can set restrictions for teams to avoid key persons in teams applying leave for the same days or to restrict more than a certain number of people in a team to be absent on the same day.

Simplify leave management Workflow

Our Staff Leave Planner is designed to simplify leave management workflow, eliminating paperwork and cut delay by enabling staff to apply for leave requests online and get notified online. Use the leave planner to manage your human capital management challenges. With PlanMyLeave they can assign employees to teams and track resources availability on the team calendar.

SaaS - On the cloud - no hardware or software installation required

With our on-demand, web-based leave management solutions you can experience fast and risk-free implementations without installing software. You can customize your leave management application in hours or days instead of week or months. You get seamless and automatic upgrades as we add new features to the Staff Leave Planner.

Real time updates

Instantly check who's on leave on the dashboard in Users on Leave section. Automated online approval reminders speedens time spent on leave management for both managers and employees. Manage your team efficiently using our Staff Leave Planner calendar. Record overtime and late arrivals at work.

Full day / half day and Partial time-off

Leave requests can be made for full day, half day and partial time off in hours. Online Staff Leave Planner allows you to define any number of leave types and to assign multiple rules for each type. Scale up easily as your organization grows as our Staff Leave Planner scales easily from small businesses to large enterprises.

"Free up your time and save costs using our Online Staff Leave Planner"

Free up the time you spend on Leave management by managing all your users and leave worflow on a centralized dashboard.